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Interior Painting

Of all the improvements you can make to beautify and add value to your home, nothing is more cost-effective or makes a bigger impact than a fresh coat of paint.

Painting interiors might sound like a do-it-yourself project, but handling the job on your own can lead to messes, additional expense for mistakes, and a less than perfect result.  When you choose Abbyart Decorative Painting for your next project, we'll make sure you get the look you want quickly and efficiently- and on budget!  We use nothing but the highest quality materials, and will match any custom color you desire.

Wallpaper Removal

Removing old wallpaper that has been on your walls for many years can be a tricky and frustrating process.  At Abbyart Decorative Painting, we're here to help.  We specialize in wallpaper removal and can easily get rid of that sticky, old covering that seems like it has been stuck on your walls forever.

Abbyart has years of experience and is fully armed with all the tools needed to remove that old wallpaper speedily and effectively.  We'll steam, scrape and clean your walls until no trace of that aged wallpaper and glue remains.  Walls are repaired, washed, primed, and prepared  for 2 coats of fresh premium grade paint.

Drywall Repair

Whether due to impact or water, damaged drywall can be a messy and unsightly nuisance.  Abbyart is well-experienced in drywall installation and repair.  Trust Abbyart to take care of all phases of drywall repair; from removal and disposal of old drywall to installation, mudding and sanding.

Ceramic Tile

Set into a floor or as a backsplash, nothing beats the durability and classic style of ceramic tile.  Let Abbyart remove your old floor and install the centerpiece of your new room that will be the envy of all.  Whether you are looking for a traditional
in-line layout, or a custom designed pattern, Abbyart has the experience and creativity to give you the look you've always dreamed of.
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